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Ruby Slippers


Posted on 2012.05.18 at 22:00
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I've read the same book as Abed.
I OWN the same book as Abed.
I must hide my shame...... Nah :)

Posted on 2012.03.05 at 23:16
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A Storm of Swords first reaction...Collapse )


Doctor Who - The end of Tennent

Posted on 2010.01.01 at 21:51
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Ruby Slippers

Boy, can he dance.

Posted on 2009.02.26 at 20:25
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Supernatural 4X08: The Halloweeny episode

Posted on 2008.10.31 at 19:37
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I swear....

They better not make Dean someone lackey while he was in hell, torturing people. Or just doing it for kicks.
There is something in the air...
Dean crossed the finishing line. No hope. No orders to follow. Pissed at what life dealt him...
The return of black-eyed Dean? Hmmm, they must really not like him being thought a woobie. ;)

I spent a good solid 3 minutes wondering who the hell was Sam Haine. Then I thought again. Eww... pronouncation is important. It just kept me coming out of the episode. And Samhain is a harvest marker, Festival, great childhood memories, kick arse time. Not a demon. Ok, I'm done...

Misha Collins is one fine looking gentleman. Ahem.
And I'm sorry but Uriel just isn't scary.
The scariest portrayal of a angel ever will always be Christopher Walken as Gabriel in The Prophecy.
It can't be beat. But they both have a lot of similarities.

It didn't take Sam long to go back on his promise. And getting annoyed that heaven may not mean what he thinks it means.

And I will never wolf down a sweet again. I will always bite into it first.

Oíche Shamhna Shona gach duine!

Ruby Slippers
Posted on 2008.10.20 at 18:34
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Ok. I'm still thibking this could very easily be total shite but I still can't stop being a litte fangirly over these photos.
I would like this to be good but I'm doubtful. I still go see it though.



Or have a look over at the mtvblog.


Alien Queen

Terminator : TSCC S02E03

Posted on 2008.09.24 at 22:14
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Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-Long Blog

Posted on 2008.07.19 at 17:02
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I love this. I loved it.
I have a newly blossomed love of Neil Patrick Harris.
And I never realised how bouffaut Nathan Fillon's hair is. That's a lot of 'spray!

Joss Wheeeeadoooonnnnn.... Youuuu Baaassstardddd!!!...Collapse )

BSG Toast

BSG S0410: Revelations - - Mid Season Finale

Posted on 2008.06.14 at 15:46
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Where are you, you bastard...Collapse )

Nuts, Cartman


Posted on 2008.06.07 at 21:57
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Well... I can't really argue with this one *Ahem*

Eww.. not great.
Babylon 5 was third?! I've only ever watched 2 episodes. And one was because I saw that Walter Koenig was in it.

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